THE GREENVILLE NEWSBad roads spur millions of dollars in state

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fake oakleys The other half under Cleary’s plan would go to the don drive a car, it doesn cost you anything. Ray ClearyCleary’s plan also would eliminate the tax on small businesses at a cost of about $150 million, which he said is more affordable for the state than Haley’s proposed income tax cut that would eventually cost $1.7 billion.He also wants to remove most sales tax exemptions, keeping those for food, electricity, health care items and newsprint replica oakleys, which he said would generate $300 million.”Is DOT getting all the money they need (under the plan)? No, but with the bonding ability, with more efficiencies because they would be focused on the interstates and highways, I think they’ll be able to do what they need to do to get good roads in 20 years,” he said.The state’s gas tax, one of the lowest in the nation, was last raised in 1987. Nearly half the state’s primary and secondary roads are rated in poor condition by the state Department of Transportation, which maintains the fourth largest state road system in the nation.DOT last year projected a funding shortfall for all transportation needs until 2040 of $1.4 billion a year.Haley and State Transportation Secretary Janet Oakley said the $394 million a year that they say would be raised by the governor’s plan is not a panacea for the state’s infrastructure issues but an attempt to repair what’s broken.THE GREENVILLE NEWSBad roads spur millions of dollars in state claimsThe governor’s plan would raise the gas tax by 10 cents, but only if lawmakers also agree to scrap the highway commission, which is now selected by lawmakers, and agree to reduce the income tax rate from 7 percent to 5 percent.The House infrastructure committee plan would cut the 16.75 cents per gallon gas tax by 6 cents and a new 6 percent excise tax be created on gas at the wholesale level, a combination that would mean 4 cents per gallon more if gas were selling for $2 per gallon, Simrill has said fake oakleys.

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