Instead, by analyzing climate data gleaned from tree rings,

phone butler’ offers a polite hangup on telemarketers

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iphone 8 plus case Carried along trade routes?They say pinning the blame solely on rats doesn’t make sense.Rats weren’t found in large areas of northern Europe during the period, and the peaks of the plague outbreaks don’t correspond well with the climate conditions that suit rapid spreading of the disease by rat fleas.Instead, by analyzing climate data gleaned from tree rings, they found clues that suggest the plague might have repeatedly been carried back into Europe from outbreaks among rodents in Central Asia.”We show that wherever there were good conditions for gerbils and fleas in Central Asia, some years later the bacteria shows up in harbor cities in Europe and then spreads across the continent,” Stenseth told the BBC.The scientists say they think it’s possible the plague was reintroduced each time by the trading networks of the era.Caravans of traders and their camels that traveled through infested areas in Central Asia could have picked up the disease and sent it along trade routes reaching into Europe.Pet gerbils not a riskTo determine whether they’re right, the researchers plan to analyze ancient plague DNA taken from victims of the pandemic.But if rats are hoping the scientists’ theory will get them off the hook entirely, they should think again. The study says they could still have played a part in the spread of plague by ships.”If you get your gerbil at a pet store. You have nothing to worry about,” Ken Gage, a plague expert for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told NPR iphone 8 plus case.

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