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Donnie Corwin, Panguitch. 215 1. Trevor Behunin, Wayne; 2. There’s always a market for the classicrectangular pool, but increasinglyelaborate features are in demand.”It’sjust so much more interactive these days,”Smith says. Extras include in built spas,splash decks, fountains and water features, aswell as landscaping and surrounds that makethe pool the centrepiece of the garden, ratherthan a stand alone recreation area.Hardy native gardens and texturesthat similarly complement the space arefashionable choices when designing thesurrounding area, according to Otterbach.”People are also incorporating things otherthan plants, such as sculptures.”When framing the pool with tiles,she recommends natural stones, such asbluestone, and mixing materials as well: “Justusing tiling creates a hot and harsh space, soadding timber can cool it down a bit.”Jaden Tauren concurs, noting a preferencefor “more natural influences in tiles, organicstone interiors and glass mosaics in earthiertones”.LUXE WATERWhile salt chlorination is stillprevalent, alternative methods ofwater sanitation are catching on.”Back in the day, people used to look atliquid chlorine, powdered chlorine, or salt,”Otterbach explains. “We offer a system calledan ionic freshwater system it still uses a lowlevel of chlorine, but so low you don’t need tohave a shower afterwards and don’t smell.

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