It was the first local event held since the census was

Individual pic tures of seniors have been taken. Business Manager Robert Kelly has made money by selling candies at football games. The staff also sponsored a dance for funds. Detherage, Andrew Dickson, Jim Faber, Jonathan Leigh Gebhardt, Kris Godfrey, Bill Harris, Clyde D. Harris, David E. Harrison, Marvin Hendren, Kimberly D.

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fake oakleys On Friday, Ferriero and Constance Potter, a genealogy expert from the National Archives and Records Administration, attended a workshop on the 1940 census at the Spartanburg County Headquarters Library. It was the first local event held since the census was released earlier this month.1940 census contains employment and salary information, Ferriero said. Also talks about the New Deal programs, so there is a lot of information available. fake oakleys

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