It also expressed frustration at Clinton’s support of

Until the 1960s Thailand had maternal mortality levels well above 400 per 100 000 births, the equivalent of those in the United Kingdom in 1900 or the USA in 1939. During the 1960s traditional birth attendants were gradually substituted by certified village midwives, 7191 of whom were newly registered within a 10 year period: mortality came down to between 200 and 250 per 100 000 births. During the 1970s the registration of midwives was stepped up with 18 314 new registrations.

cheap oakley sunglasses The letter tellingly didn’t espouse the virtues of Stein so much as it offered an exhaustive laundry list of reasons she does not support Clinton. Among those reasons were Clinton’s lack of support for the following: a $15 minimum wage, legalisation of marijuana and a binding climate treaty. It also expressed frustration at Clinton’s support of “unconditional military aid to Israel.”. cheap oakley sunglasses

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cheap oakleys It was so nice having my team of nurses making sure I was only wearing clean hospital gowns through the whole delivery. The birth and delivery was free of complications, the doctors and nurses of my husband and I that we were the most laid back patients they had ever had. They each all came back to visit through out the course of the day on their breaks just to chat and laugh it up with my husband. cheap oakleys

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