The SPOT program has resulted in more than 275 arrests

Defense Department.Sackie is quoted in a recent article on “Plugging Data Leaks” posted on the online edition of Military Information Technology.”The majority of security rule violations are honest people who didn’t know they were breaking the rules, but malicious users can be extremely dangerous,” Sackie is quoted as saying.Sackie did not return calls after messages were left at Oakley’s office yesterday. Calls to the company’s Salt Lake City headquarters also were not returned.SPOT program launchThe TSA said the SPOT program was launched in 2003 in an effort to identify suspicious people before they reach secure areas. The agency said that officers in the program focus on behavior indicating high levels of “stress, fear or deception” instead of physical characteristics.Greg Soule, a spokesman for the TSA, said the program is in effect at most of the nation’s busiest airports.The TSA expects to have more than 500 officers trained in behavior detection at airports and other transportation facilities by the end of next year.The SPOT program has resulted in more than 275 arrests, Soule said.The program has come under criticism from some civil liberties advocates, who consider it a form of profiling.The TSA Web site bills the program as “a non intrusive means of identifying potentially high risk individuals.”The agency said the technique “adds an element of unpredictability that will be easy for law abiding passengers to navigate but difficult for terrorists to manipulate.”The incident at BWI follows one last year in which a couple were questioned after a block of processed cheese and a charger for a digital video disc player were found in their checked baggage.

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