A little community was kind of created round that gallery

Peter Stanley, a former principal historian at the War Memorial, has publicly deplored any attempt to remove the gargoyles, arguing that they are important to the building and reflect the attitudes and values of those people who created it. “They are racist, but are also integral to the fabric of the building as it was conceived, reflecting the attitudes and values of the Australia that created the memorial. We cannot deny and should not hide what Australia was, however unpleasant.”.

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“You’re kind of like a family and when you go to union

“Being part of a union is a good thing, is a special thing,” she said. “You’re kind of like a family and when you go to union functions, whether it be local or out of town, it’s just like one big family. Everybody has everybody’s back and we’re all fighting for a common cause.”.

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?At this point, EPS is continuing to determine the source of

We went to field to hit batting practice at TD Ameritrade Park this time. We wanted to get more acclimated with the field. We felt like we weren’t as comfortable as we should have been from the get go the night before, and so we just wanted to get a little more acclimated..

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