, Hartford, and Kevin Williams, 17, of 240 Cornwall St

“I have been asked how can this happen,” Wathen said. “I don’t have an answer. Both the county’s executive branch and the fiscal arm of that branch have decided what to do with the money. Currently he’s finishing a biography on his maternal grandfather after whom he is named. Maj. Frederick Charles Rush served two tours of duty in the Boer War and fought in the First World War Battle of Sanctuary Wood, for which he was awarded the Distinguished Service Order and Order of the British Empire..

cheap oakleys Three teenagers were arrested Thursday after police said they assaulted two people who shouted racial slurs at them. Sheldon Wynter, 16, of 68 James St., Hartford, and Kevin Williams, 17, of 240 Cornwall St., Hartford, were both charged with third degree assault. Police said the incident took place in a home on Gillette Street. cheap oakleys

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