In the meanwhile, the Syrian regime can shore up its position

For salmon, the bite broke out Monday with the six pack, the Captain Hook out of Berkeley Marina posting five limits of big fish. The two Sausalito boats were up in Drake’s Bay for 36 salmon to 26 pounds for 29 anglers, with most of the salmon in the 15 to 26 pound range. The scores had been far less than a fish per rod over the weekend before Monday, and this follows the same pattern of the summer.

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fake oakleys Maass admonishes the US for the inefficiency of its arming and training of the anti Assad forces. “Obama claims that part of his strategy for attacking ISIS in Syria is to train rebel fighters from the so called ‘moderate’ opposition,” he writes, “but it will take the better part of a year for the first units to be ready. In the meanwhile, the Syrian regime can shore up its position in the east without a fight while continuing its murderous assaults against rebel fighters elsewhere.”. fake oakleys

fake oakley sunglasses Shier is among a new generation of cinematographers who are elevating wildlife documentary far beyond the Disneyfied reels of the past or the sensationalist theatrics of many new shows. He takes inspiration from the dreamlike visions of art house recluse Terrence Malick and the unnarrated abstractions of nature seen in films like Baraka and Koyaanisqatsi. He has filmed around the world, from Mongolia to Tasmania, from the Andes to the Canadian Rockies, but his most important work has been here in Yellowstone, the 3,472 square miles nicknamed the American Serengeti fake oakley sunglasses.

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